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Animated Short Film | Music Video

Co-Director / Animator

Premiered at the Cork Film Festival in 2021, Fisherman is not only an ode to the past but also a poignant journey to find home across the vast expanse of the sea. The piece began from an autobiographical song by Lewis Barfoot, and I crafted a visual narrative to pair with the music.


Embark on an enchanting tale as Fisherman unfolds the journey of a young girl on a mission to uncover her ancestor's long-lost land. Guided by mystical energies, sea creatures, and the ancient ocean's will, our heroine embarks on a courageous quest. Concealed within a fisherman's boat, she braves the tumultuous sea. A fierce storm propels her to the ocean bed, where, rather than succumbing to the depths, she unveils her innate ability for shapeshifting, awakening the true power that lies within her. 

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