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Narae Kim

Narae Kim is a multi award winning creative director and visual artist who creates experiences in both physical and virtual spaces. Her original art installation, animation, projection art and Virtual Reality work has been shown and awarded at major events such as Cannes Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and Prague Quadrennial.


She is currently Chief Creative Officer at Flowly, leading a production team for creating a groundbreaking series of VR experiences designed to alleviate anxiety and pain. She formerly worked on multiple productions on Broadway and Off-Broadway, after earning her MFA in theater design from California Institute of the Arts.


1st Prize

      LUMA Projection Arts Festival, US (2016)

        Wanderer : Director / Animator

Jury Award

      ANGAELICA International Film Festival (2017​)

       Wanderer : Director / Animator

3rd Prize

      AT&T VR/AR Challenge at CES, US (2017)

       Pippa's Pan (VR Interactive Short): Art Diretor

Consulate of Ireland Award Nominee

      Chicago Irish Film Festival, US (2021)

      Fisherman : Director / Animator


Best Music Video

      LogCinema Music Film Festival, US (2018)

      Wise Owl : Co-Director, Art Director

Award of Commendation

      Canada Shorts International Film Festival (2017)

      Wanderer : Director / Animator

Best Animation Nominee

      Woodengate International Film Festival (2017)

      Wanderer : Director / Animator


Innovation Awards Judge

      Consumer Electronics Show, LV (2023-24)     



      Womens Expo, FL (2023​)

       Digital Healthcare


      Golden Futures, CA (2023)

       Digital Healthcare


      LA ACM Siggraph, CA (2018)

      Digital Fine Arts



      Busan International Film Festival, Korea (2017)

      VR Forum


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