Narae Kim

Narae leads design teams and makes art for both physical and virtual experiences.

She works as an art director, scenic designer and visual artist.

Narae is currently based in LA, grew up in Seoul, Korea

She is a co-founder and CCO of Flowly, a data-driven VR app for pain and anxiety.

It's available in the US on the Apple App Store


1st Prize                         LUMA Projection Arts Festival, US (2016)                            

                                                Wanderer : Director / Animator

Jury Award                      ANGAELICA Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (2017​)

                                          Wanderer : Director / Animator

3rd Prize                        AT&T VR/AR Challenge at CES, US (2017)

                                          Pippa's Pan (VR Interactive Short): Art Diretor

Best Music Video             LogCinema Music Film Festival, US (2018)

                                    Wise Owl : Co-Director, Art Director

Award of Commendation  Canada Shorts International Film Festival (2017)

                                    Wanderer : Director / Animator

Best Animation Nominee   Woodengate International Film Festival (2017)

                                    Wanderer : Director / Animator

February 2021


March 2021

St Brigid's Film Festival, UK

Chicago Irish Film Festival, USA


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